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The Power of Collaboration: Unlocking the Executive Story Through Client Questionnaires and One-on-One Consultation

As a Tori Award-winning resume writer, I’ve seen the power of collaboration in crafting compelling executive resumes. While many resume writers dismiss client questionnaires and some clients view them as a burden, I firmly believe they are instrumental in the self-discovery process and provide clarity to the executive’s career story. Discovery and Collaboration: The Keys […]


The Impact of Personal Branding on Career Transitions

The Impact of Personal Branding on Career Transitions During career transitions, personal branding acts as a compass, guiding professionals through new and unfamiliar territories   It enables the communication of transferable skills and experiences that may not directly align with a new role but are valuable nonetheless, Crafting a compelling narrative about one’s professional journey can […]


JOB BOARDS ~ There is another option!

Cool Hand Luke ~ “Get Your Mind Right”~ Job Boards The job you want is unlikely to be posted online, and even if it is, as you can see from the cartoon, you will be one of many, so you need to stand out. Job boards are an absolute must for many, but there is […]


The Importance of Personal Branding for Career Progression

The importance of personal branding for career progression cannot be underestimated. Personal branding refers to cultivating and promoting an image that highlights one’s distinctive skills, qualities, and reputation. In today’s job market, establishing a robust personal brand is key to distinguishing oneself from other applicants. One should consider their career as a business venture, with […]


Your Executive Resume Writer Relationship

The word INTIMACY~ Into-Me-See. No, I am not suggesting an improper relationship but simply highlighting the need for MORE in our career relationships than just the strict business-as-usual paradigm. My work as an Executive and C-Suite resume writer means that your success depends on me being able to see you and hear your story. Most […]