When you purchase our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted our pricing, process, terms and conditions.


Because of the nature of this work (it is a customized service and not a product that can be resold), CXO Resumes cannot offer refunds to clients. Full payment is required upfront.

All sales are final, and no refunds are permitted for services. No refund shall be granted on services not used. Unused services will be held for six months from the date of purchase.


Commencing. All projects must start within 90 days of receiving payment. Otherwise, payment is forfeited because we measure/monitor capacity, and when we have reached capacity, we turn clients away. You are making a commitment to work with me, and I am making a commitment to work with you. Therefore, we must receive your Career Assessment and schedule your phone consultation within 90 days of placing your order.

Delivery Date. After the client submits the requested materials, CXO Resumes will provide a delivery date. Standard turnaround time is 7 to 14 business days from when Irma Rojas receives all data. During periods of high volume, it may take up to 2 weeks. Every attempt will be made to shorten the turnaround time without sacrificing quality for speed.

Completing. You are required to review all career documents and notify us of any needed corrections within three weeks from receipt of career documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, bio, etc.), or you will accept work as written. CXO Resumes is not responsible for incorporating any changes requested by the client after the final resume is submitted to the client. Unless other arrangements are made, the client agrees to pay $350 an hour for additional changes or if career focus has been changed.
Delays. All work is to be completed promptly, subject to acts of God, mechanical failure, or other circumstances beyond the control of CXO Resumes.


The client is entitled to two (3) rounds of corrections and one quality review. Edits do not include new content or strategy. This includes revisions to all documents, logos, graphics, charts, and designs. Each document/component in a package must be reviewed, and you must supply edits for all documents and design elements at the same time.


  1. The first resume was delivered to the client. The client approves within two weeks or requests edits.
  2. Resume edits round #1: The client provides edits on all documents, logos, graphics, and design, not including edits with new content. The client is entitled to a one-on-one phone call to review resume edits as needed.
  3. The second resume version was delivered to the client. The client must approve or submit the second round of edits within two weeks.
  4. Resume edits/corrections round #2: The client provides edits in writing by email only. The client approves or submits the second round of edits within two weeks.
  5. Resume edits/corrections round #3: The client provides edits in writing by email only. The client approves or submits the third round of edits within two weeks.
  6. Resume – the fourth and final version is provided to the client.
  7. The client performs final quality reviews and approves for final or provides last-minute corrections only (typos or incorrect data only).
  8. Finalized dossiers are delivered to the client in one package. No more edits at this point.

It is highly recommended that the client take time reviewing drafts and compiling edits or questions, as there will be two (3) opportunities to do so before the final quality review. The client may ask for whatever number of changes needed as long as it is within the information provided initially and during two (3) occasions, plus the final review. The client may request changes by email or phone. If we do not hear from the client within two weeks after resume submission, we reserve the right to finalize work as written.


CXO Resumes is not responsible for errors provided by the client-on-client worksheet or for errors after proofreading and acceptance by the client. CXO Resumes relies on the client’s truth and accuracy regarding the information presented when preparing the resume or other documents. CXO Resumes does not assume responsibility for researching the accuracy of the information provided by the client.
Charges are for preparing the first draft and no more than three revisions before the final copy. Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client. Please take time and proof dossiers. CXO Resumes has an editor on their team to edit all documents after all edits have been made. We make every effort to ensure that client documents are perfect. Still, because of the personal nature of the service provided, the client must assume personal responsibility for final proofing and accuracy. Take time and double-check all data. Should the client require more than three revised drafts, an additional fee may accrue until finalized. The hourly rate is $350.00.


All information shared during, before, and after the duration of our collaboration remains confidential except for a trusted assistant and editor if asked to collaborate on the project. This staff member will uphold the same strict levels of confidentiality and discretion as Irma Rojas.


Irma Rojas of CXO Resumes is a top prestigious and TORI award-winning writer who remains current in resume and career marketing best practices and the most effective job search methods to market clients in today’s competitive market. When you hire, you hire Irma’s expertise and trust her guidance through the resume development process. CXO Resumes does not modify writing practices or embark on resume revisions based on feedback from resume writing critique services, coaching services, or family and friends. We give each project our very best through our proven expertise.


We cannot guarantee job placement. Our clients’ success is the responsibility of you, the client. We base our guidance and resume development on the information you give us and are not responsible for any omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies.



It is highly important that you have MS Word on your computer and that you can navigate your computer. When you are ready to provide feedback, if your edits are more than just a handful of adjustments, you can communicate those in writing via email, using track changes, or comment on the MS Word document.

**We work on PCs and are not responsible for compatibility issues with MAC computers. Our e-resume and ASCII formats have no cross-compatibility issues.

**We work on PCs are not responsible for compatibility issues with MAC computers. Our e-resume/ASCII formats have no cross-compatibility issues.