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Irma Rojas

“My values are built on a passion for people and superior service, with a commitment to integrity and honesty.” These are the values of CXO Resumes.

About Us

My goal at CXO Resumes is to collaborate with you to land your next six—or seven-figure job faster than you thought possible. My mission is to be your trusted advisor throughout your career, providing you with superior documents and services that will accelerate your career in the direction of your choosing.

I am a TORI award-winning resume writer and LinkedIn developer for clients in all fields and at all organizational levels. I am an active member of the NRWA. I work with professional and executive clients worldwide, creating highly strategic, job-winning marketing documents that communicate credibility, expertise, and value. My journey started  20 years ago, working for various resume-writing companies and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge. CXO will focus on creating compelling value propositions for executives, professionals, and C-suite clients. I am committed to excellence and care, which has been my hallmark throughout my time, helping many individuals meet their goals and land their dream jobs. When you call CXO, Irma and her principles and passion greet you and will take care of you.

My Goal

I aim to provide the best possible resume package for each client ready for the next step in his or her professional, executive, or C-suite career. I work with you one-on-one to craft your compelling value proposition in your resume, LinkedIn profile, and all other career documents. I offer customized packages that reflect each person’s individuality and highlight his or her career assets.

I Deliver Results !!!

I deliver on-time, high-quality work and achieve professional results.
Please visit the testimonials page here on this website to read what my clients say about me. Go to LinkedIn These are genuinely happy clients.

My Process


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One-on-one Consultation


Review & Revisions


Final Documents

Your Resume is an INVESTMENT in YOU

  1. CXO ~ Top 1% of Resume Writers on LinkedIn.
  2. Increased earning potential ~ shorter job search ~ secure a position that matters to you ~ command a higher salary
  3. My job at CXO is to help you stand out from the crowd in the written word and online with your unique personal brand. That’s what I do best.
  4. Your resume is one of the most important documents you will ever own.
  5. CXO-crafted resumes are of the highest quality and have been published and circulated globally as samples of the highest caliber.
  6. As CXO founder, I am a prominent member of the NRWA and am highly regarded on LinkedIn, as can be seen from many recommendations.
  7. Your success is my success. I will work tirelessly to ensure the best documents achieve your desired results.
  8. I have a proven ability to get results, as evidenced by the many recommendations on LinkedIn.
  9. I don’t just satisfy my client’s expectations ~ I EXCEED them !!!!


  1. Senior and C-Level Executives across various industries and positions, including the Technology, Oil and Energy, Finance Sectors, and many more.
  2. Ambitious professionals with years of experience wish to advance their careers, knowing that in these times, their career is their corporation and Me.Inc. is the product. “Your Career is a Business”
  3. Mature professionals who have experienced doubts about returning to the job market need a trusted advisor to guide them, articulate their value to prospective employers, or position them for consultancy projects.
  4. Military professionals transitioning to the civilian world need a resume showcasing their most relevant skills and achievements. Converting a military history into civilian terminology is vital to a successful transition.
  5. Clients realize that their careers usually span 40 to 50 years; on average, people change jobs about every four years. This is often a personal choice, but it is not always the case, and layoffs and downsizing require readiness and proactive development of one’s personal brand. As CXO founder, I am the trusted advisor to these clients.

Superior Job- Winning Resumes – We Get RESULTS!!!!


You have considerable experience in leadership in various roles. You are currently in a C-level position or targeting one. It is a one-to-one service you require that will produce outstanding collateral for your Job search. I help high performers, just like you, to land amazing jobs.


You want an executive resume that grabs the hiring manger or recruiter’s attention immediately. You are a successful executive and may even target the next senior VP or CXO role. In today’s highly competitive job market,  it takes an effective resume and LinkedIn profile to secure an interview. Working together, I will help you land your amazing next job.


You want the best support possible in your job search along with career documents that compel the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter. Personal branding for both your LinkedIn profile and Resume to ensure that you are the stand-out candidate. Working together, I will help you land your amazing next job.

IT Professional

I know that IT resumes require special attention and techniques because of their highly detailed and technical terminology. I will produce a resume that links your technical accomplishments and sells your technical skills and abilities to business requirements. Working together, I will help you land your amazing next job.

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What My Clients Are Saying…

“Based on my positive experience, I would recommend Irma Rojas to assist anyone seeking to advance their career. While resume writing services are readily available, working with a skilled professional such as Irma provides distinct benefits. She has an exceptional ability to identify strengths and qualifications, and craft narratives that highlight these achievements uniquely and compellingly. I am confident that any individual utilizing her expertise will achieve outstanding results.”

“Irma understands the Executive and C-Suite requirements She makes you just think hard about your career so that you have clarity in your career goals. Working exclusively with Irma was a joy and sometimes hard as she made me do the work on myself that was needed to have a clear vision that made interviewing a breeze and identifying my ideal company and position easy to do. Her process yields results and that’s what matters. I recommend her unreservedly.”

“Irma Rojas is an exceptionally talented resume writer. I strongly recommend her services to any executive seeking an elite resume professional. Her final work product is superb, but the process itself proved invaluable. Irma was instrumental in redesigning my resume to demonstrate my years of hard work and experience succinctly. She excels in her field and is a pleasure to work with.”

Irma is an award-winning personal branding professional for a reason. Irma’s work is superior and I was able to customize what she delivered to achieve results at my highest target level. She over-delivered plus was personable, and the results prove that she was the right person to work with in what can otherwise be a difficult process.”