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Choosing Your Resume Writer !!!

Choosing a resume writer is a very important and personal choice. You want to be sure that you will be heard and understood, but most importantly, you want documents that will get your attention from prospective employers. You don’t just want interviews; you want the RIGHT interviews. I am passionate about getting it right for my clients.

In the section immediately below, you can read what has been posted on LinkedIn. Too often, websites are littered with false feedback. These clients took the trouble to say how they felt and what their experience was, and their comments can be verified. In this section, you will also find comments from happy resume clients who did not come to me via LinkedIn. Please check me out on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/irmarojas/

Awards and publications are great, but successful clients are the ultimate indicator of what you can expect when working with me.

Client Testimonials

“Irma Rojas did an outstanding job and I highly recommend her. She has a proven track record with 20 years of extremely satisfied customers, and she is a TORI award winner!
Over the years I have looked at thousands of resumes while trying to find exceptional individuals to join the many organizations that I have managed. But never realized how difficult it would be to highlight my career in a few meaningful and insightful pages. Irma will do just that, with your help!
The difference between Irma and her peers is that she listens. She helps you understand the key things that will differentiate you when applying for a position. The key to a great resume is getting you interviewed. Getting the job is on you!”

Irma is simply fantastic! She updated my resume and it looks so professional now. One executive reviewed my resume and he said the format and structure are the best he has ever seen! A head-hunter contacted me and asked who did my resume as he sees resumes every day and he was extremely impressed! Finding a great resume writer is not easy as so many write their own reviews on Google, but luckily I came across an independent website and Irma was ranked as one of the best at writing executive resumes. I could not agree more. There is a reason she gets so many referrals. She is worth every penny!

“I recently landed a new job using the resume that Irma architected. I asked the recruiter who hired me what set me apart in the selection process of the 280 applicants. The first thing he said – my resume! Irma helped me construct a resume that highlighted my strengths as a strategist, and the recruiter stated that this was the key message or value, they saw in the resume. Irma took the time to interview me when I asked for a rebranding of my resume. She gathered all the information I gave verbally and in writing and then produced a resume that portrays my skills and character”

“Based on my positive experience, I would recommend Irma Rojas to assist anyone seeking to advance their career. While resume writing services are readily available, working with a skilled professional such as Irma provides distinct benefits. She has an exceptional ability to identify strengths and qualifications, and craft narratives that highlight these achievements uniquely and compellingly. I am confident that any individual utilizing her expertise will achieve outstanding results.”

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“I had a very pleasurable experience working with Irma and highly recommend her services. Irma’s system is comprehensive and specific, which allows the package to be unique to each professional. I do not doubt that the information Irma provided with help my professional projected growth in the future.”

Irma is an award-winning personal branding professional for a reason. Irma’s work is superior and I was able to customize what she delivered to achieve results at my highest target level. She over-delivered plus was personable, and the results prove that she was the right person to work with in what can otherwise be a difficult process.”

“Irma understands the Executive and C-Suite requirements She makes you just think hard about your career so that you have clarity in your career goals. Working exclusively with Irma was a joy and sometimes hard as she made me do the work on myself that was needed to have a clear vision that made interviewing a breeze and identifying my ideal company and position easy to do. Her process yields results and that’s what matters. I recommend her unreservedly.”

“Irma Rojas is an exceptionally talented resume writer. I strongly recommend her services to any executive seeking an elite resume professional. Her final work product is superb, but the process itself proved invaluable. Irma was instrumental in redesigning my resume to demonstrate my years of hard work and experience succinctly. She excels in her field and is a pleasure to work with.”

“Irma Rojas has done an excellent job with my CV in a very short time. She is always willing to make any changes or adjustments that may be required and her recommendations on how to present a CV in a professional manner and with the right words give me the confidence that when I present it I will have a clear choice of interest. I highly recommend her.”

“Irma is an award-winning branding professional for a reason, her work is superior and I was able to customize what she delivered to achieve results at my highest target level. She over-delivered plus was personable, and the results prove that she was the right person to work with in what can otherwise be a difficult process.”

“Irma is simply amazing. I am extremely pleased with the quality of her work and her professionalism. She worked with me from the beginning to the end of the process until she delivered the perfect product. Her service exceeded my expectations.”

“Irma is a true master at her craft. Her ability to communicate one’s value to a potential employer via resumes and LinkedIn is second to none. Greatly appreciated.”

Superior Job- Winning Resumes – We Get RESULTS!!!!


You have considerable experience in leadership in various roles. You are currently in a C-level position or targeting one. It is a one-to-one service you require that will produce outstanding collateral for your Job search. I help high performers, just like you, to land amazing jobs.


You want an executive resume that grabs the hiring manger or recruiter’s attention immediately. You are a successful executive and may even target the next senior VP or CXO role. In today’s highly competitive job market,  it takes an effective resume and LinkedIn profile to secure an interview. Working together, I will help you land your amazing next job.


You want the best support possible in your job search along with career documents that compel the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter. Personal branding for both your LinkedIn profile and Resume to ensure that you are the stand-out candidate. Working together, I will help you land your amazing next job.

IT Professional

I know that IT resumes require special attention and techniques because of their highly detailed and technical terminology. I will produce a resume that links your technical accomplishments and sells your technical skills and abilities to business requirements. Working together, I will help you land your amazing next job.