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Welcome back, and welcome to our new site. It has been almost 20 years since my first resume, and I thank you all for your continued trust and support.
Your career will most likely span 40 to 50 years. Professional change is a given and constant. Your career, like a corporation, requires constant vigilance and management. We are here to help with your career challenges and to provide you, as always, with a job-winning resume and supporting documents.
-In the sections below, you will find details for updates and re-purposing resumes for new positions.
– Write to me at [email protected] and tell me about your current situation and what you may be struggling with. We can arrange a time to talk things through.


WELCOME BACK! I am happy to see you again!

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What My Clients Are Saying…

“Based on my positive experience, I would recommend Irma Rojas to assist anyone seeking to advance their career. While resume writing services are readily available, working with a skilled professional such as Irma provides distinct benefits. She has an exceptional ability to identify strengths and qualifications, and craft narratives that highlight these achievements uniquely and compellingly. I am confident that any individual utilizing her expertise will achieve outstanding results.”

“Irma understands the Executive and C-Suite requirements She makes you just think hard about your career so that you have clarity in your career goals. Working exclusively with Irma was a joy and sometimes hard as she made me do the work on myself that was needed to have a clear vision that made interviewing a breeze and identifying my ideal company and position easy to do. Her process yields results and that’s what matters. I recommend her unreservedly.”

“Irma Rojas is an exceptionally talented resume writer. I strongly recommend her services to any executive seeking an elite resume professional. Her final work product is superb, but the process itself proved invaluable. Irma was instrumental in redesigning my resume to demonstrate my years of hard work and experience succinctly. She excels in her field and is a pleasure to work with.”

Irma is an award-winning personal branding professional for a reason. Irma’s work is superior and I was able to customize what she delivered to achieve results at my highest target level. She over-delivered plus was personable, and the results prove that she was the right person to work with in what can otherwise be a difficult process.”