JOB BOARDS ~ There is another option!

Cool Hand Luke ~ “Get Your Mind Right”~ Job Boards

The job you want is unlikely to be posted online, and even if it is, as you can see from the cartoon, you will be one of many, so you need to stand out. Job boards are an absolute must for many, but there is another way.

As Wayne Gretzky advised, “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Your career is a business, and passively waiting for the next order and the next opportunity is a surefire recipe towards extinction. I am saying here: Do not wait until the unthinkable happens. Always be prepared for the next opportunity or, better still, actively begin your self-marketing campaign to get there.

For a moment, picture yourself excited about buying the car of your dreams. If you’re not into cars, then pick whatever it is that you become super energized about the prospect of owning. What do you do beforehand? Research, research, research. You find out everything you can, and when the day arrives and you walk into that Porsche showroom, you know more than the salesman about the object of your desire.

Apply the same active thinking to your career and personal brand. Personal branding is an act of self-discovery. Everyone has a personal brand but not everyone knows they have one. If you lose your job tomorrow, are you immediately on the job boards, or are you met with 10 offers the very next day? The latter indicates a strong personal brand.

Just like a business, develop your brand and actively look forward to how you see your career developing and what you want from it. Are you going to wait for the job boards to post your dream job, or are you going to craft your executive resume, LinkedIn profile, and biography and target every move?

Not just one move but many moves into the future. Look out five years and evaluate what might happen in your world. Where is the best opportunity for you to fulfill your goals and that bring you satisfaction and financial freedoms

As a professional and an executive, you owe it to yourself to be very specific in your goals and, rather than wait around, get out there and do what you need to do. In my 20 years writing executive and C-suite resumes I find it incredible that so many clients are waiting for the right job to come along instead of deciding what it is they want and then making a plan with the right tools to get out there and get it. Make a conscious decision that each day, each thing you do will bring you closer to your goals.

Be the master of your own destiny. Start thinking of your career as a business, arm yourself with the tools you need, your career marketing documents, and your online presence. Develop your personal brand, make a plan, and go get them.


Conclusion: “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”


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