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LOYALTY PROGRAM for Clients of RSO Resumes 20% DISCOUNT!!!

Rewards Program and Referral

For clients that have had their resume completed in the last 2 years we have structured our pricing to apply discounts for those circumstances. However an awful lot of our clients have documents much older than 2 years.

We realize that the 2 year rule will only apply to some of our clients and in this loyalty program we wish to reward ALL of our clients.

We are therefore delighted to be able to offer a 20% discount to all returning clients for all updates and re-brands when your documents are greater than 2 years old. If you require specific details, then best just email us at [email protected]


Ultimately, the key to a successful job search will be largely determined by the power of your presentation. Your children have
worked hard to earn their degree qualifications and now it is time to have their degree work for them.

This discount applies to our Entry Level Pricing only (First Job, Student, Graduate)

Incentive Program and Rewards Systems


  1. The existing price for an entry level / student resume is $490.00. This is based on less than 2 years of any work experience.
  2. As a special reward to our clients we will provide resume only for a one off special price of ***$290.00. This is for immediate family members (Sons and Daughters) and limited to 2 per household.
  3. Limited to ONE revision Further revisions will be charged out at $110.00 per hour


When we complete work with our clients almost all of you (98%) are willing to recommend our services to friends and colleagues and a great many of you provide glowing recommendations on LinkedIn (More are always Welcome !!!). As a small gesture of our gratitude we are introducing a rewards program that is our way of saying thank you.

In the interest of keeping it really simple we have decided that a $50.00 Amazon gift voucher can be used by pretty much everyone and so that is what we will do when you provide us with a referral that turns into a paying client. This applies to ALL packages in our portfolio but clearly will not be applied when another discount (family program) has been availed of.The voucher will be given when handover of all documents has been completed and full payments have been received by RSO Resumes.