Louis Kraml

When I retired early to “live the good life”, I found out that I couldn’t stand it and neither could my wife. So, I’m going back to work.

Haven’t had to develop a resume in over 20 years. So, Google “resume writer” and there were a million!?! So, why did I choose Irma?

She has many years of varied experiences, and the credentials necessary to do a good job. Then, one of her areas of expertise is writing resumes for guys like me. She had to teach me that you don’t go purchase a ream of fancy paper and start typing. Irma hand carried me through a frightening process, allowed for multiple questions, and multiple revisions.

She explains every process and the reasons for doing the resume a certain way that gets the most exposure. Her design work is so good, I could frame one and place it on the wall as art.

Irma knows how to say it a certain way and make me look like a million bucks. Yet, every word was true, and that goes to her integrity and work ethic. You are a life saver, Irma. I feel I am current and ready to take on the world!