Treat Your Career Like a Business and Take Control of YOUR Future

Is your resume getting lost in the shuffle? Is your resume costing you interviews?

Recruiters and HR professionals spend just TEN SECONDS on each resume. Consolidated job search sites make it easier than ever to find and apply for open positions. However, that means positions are getting more applicants than ever before

Does your resume pass the first glance test? To get your dream job you have to get in the front door. Without an invitation to interview you don't stand a chance. Your Resume is the key to that invitation.

Some people believe that their experience and accomplishments speak for themselves and a "fancy resume" is just for people that have to hide their lack of skill behind flourishes and misdirection. Coca-Cola didn't spend $3.3 billion in one year on advertising because they have a shoddy product.  They spent it because they know the value and importance of capturing and keeping people's attention. Your resume is how you advertise your skills and experience, and if you treat your career like a business and learn how to put your #1 advertising medium, YOUR RESUME to work for you

With the rise of Job Search sites is an increase in the DIY Resume services, fill-in the blanks, plug-n-play, and get a resume in seconds. DIY has built IKEA's brand worldwide, but do you want your career to be an IKEA Lack side table or a Williams and Sonoma living room piece that can be passed down to your grandchildren. "Good enough" isn't the path to take for a lasting career.

Your resume sets the foundation for your career.

If it is a well-crafted and well-worded advertising medium, it will put you in control of your job search. 

Treat Your Career Like a Business

Our guiding priority is that your career is our business, which is why the best advice we can give you is to treat your career like a business. We want to help you become the CEO of ME, Inc. 

Too often people are bystanders and observers of their own career. They let HR, supervisors, or others dictate their career path. They look to the heavens waiting for the next opportunity to drop from the sky walking along with the masses in a prefabricated cookie-cutter career path. Miserable in a mediocre job. They don't take action until the unimaginable happens and they are unemployed, downsized, let go, or fired.

6.9 Million Americans and 18 Million Europeans are currently looking for work. Open positions at all levels receive hundreds of applicants with only a small percentage even considered for an interview.

You have one chance at a first impression.

Successful businesses are proactive, not reactive. So your job search and career plan should be as well.

Your Resume is arguably the
most important document you
will ever own.

Your Resume is the foundation
but your LinkedIn profile better be good

Complete Personal Branding will
set you above the rest. It is time for enlightened self-interest


IBM calls it RESOURCES ACTION. HPE/ CSC or now DXC calls it WFR's (Workforce Reductions). No matter what you call it, it means after 100% performance for maybe 30 years you are told that you are no longer required

It is very personal. Let me share a very personal insight.

My husband Ed started his professional life at IBM. After 20 years being in a successful second career as an award winning photographer he is now applying the lessons he learned to the leadership and clients of RSO Resumes.

When he joined IBM he felt like a billion dollars, he was only 23 and what they taught him was just amazing. He worked with some great people and learned so much but ultimately he knew that his future was only going to be secure if he relied on his own enlightened self- interest

“I worked to get into the game," says Ed Gordon, CEO of RSO Resumes.

I realized that being in the game wasn’t enough. If I wanted to be truly successful I needed a plan. I decided that I wanted to retire by the time I was 50. Along the way, I found out I loved photography.

I asked myself, “what do I have to do on a daily basis to retire at 50 so that I can follow my passion for photography?” I decided that I would only take action if the decision would bring me closer to realizing my vision.”

The best professional decision I ever made was the moment I decided to treat my career like a business. That meant I had to act like the business owner.

I had to intentionally pilot this ship if I wanted to reach my destination. Looking back it paid off dividends because…

I retired at 45. I achieved freedom beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve traveled the world five times. I’m financially independent.

All because I decided early on to treat my career like a business.

In my decades of experience, this is the number one mistake I see with executives: They don't treat their career like a business. As part of that, they don't adequately invest in marketing themselves.

Recently on LinkedIn, we began offering our services on ProFinder. Ed is just amazed that most folks just don’t have a strategy. They look at the price and that’s it:

" It's unwise to pay too much but it's worse to pay too little, When you pay too much you lose a little money - that' all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the think you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do"

You need a strategy to set yourself apart from the crowd.

When you want to...
  • Win more interviews that count
  • Shorten the job search and secure a position that matters
  • Speed up career growth and command a higher salary
  • Communicate the true value you bring to the table
  • Stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Attract the attention of Executive Search Recruiters and key decision makers
  • Treat Your Career Like A Business. Create a business strategy, consider your competition, consider your marketplace, stand out from the rest.
  • Choose Advisors that will get you to where you want to go. Like a successful business hire and surround yourself with people that are going to help promote your career and get you to the next level of success.
  • Market Yourself. You are skilled, experienced, and a valuable asset to an organization, but if you don't market yourself no one but you will ever know.

Your Resume is the document that gets you hired. A Complete Personal Branding solution is what gets you the dream salary.

If you want to stand out at the highest level, if you want more than a job, but you want to command a salary equal to your value and worth, Complete Personal Branding will get you there.

Beyond a static document that will get you the interview and get you the job, Complete Personal Branding sets you apart not just as a good job candidate but as an expert in your field

Get Your Dream Job and Dream Salary.

By taking control of your online presence and digital footprint you take control of the salary negotiation before it even starts. Position yourself as a sought-after expert in your field and you will have opportunities seeking you out for your expertise.

If you want to really drive your career and ensure that you are taking steps towards your personal goals and vision for your life you need to fully market your skills and abilities, highlight your portfolio of accomplishments not just for HR and recruiters but get in front of top decision makers even before a position is available and they will seek you out to join them.

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Our Resume Will Provide Immediate Results In Your Job Search

At RSO Resumes our track record speaks for itself. We have been helping people plan their careers, achieve their goals, and become the primary decision maker in their professional life. 

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With Irma’s help, my resume was highly effective, and it got me an interview for the position I was targeting! Irma’s patience, professionalism, and dedication were outstanding and her turn-around time was impressive as I needed the resume within 24 hours. She went above and beyond the call of duty working on weekends and late evenings to complete my project! I highly recommend her to anyone truly SERIOUS about attaining a new position or a new career because of her integrity, strong work ethic and willingness to stand behind her product! *for privacy concerns stock photos were used, but you can see the actual reviews on LinkedIn

Victoria Lewis Energy & Business Analyst Expert


The resume writing services that Irma provides are professional and engaging. The process is straightforward and effective. Since using her services my LinkedIn profile exposure has increased exponentially – receiving more views than every before. The additional publicity and setting my resume apart is why I chose her services to begin with. I have not been disappointed, nor will you. *for privacy concerns stock photos were used, but you can see the actual reviews on LinkedIn.

Tim Silcox Global Director of Logistics & Managed Markets


I am a CEO based in Australia who is interested in changing my career. I met with a former colleague who recommended I get a very professional resume and compelling LinkedIn profile. I was still running the company so really had no time to develop either but Irma was recommended to me by my colleague. I contacted Irma and despite distance and time zone differences, she worked fontastically on both. It was a very interactive process and her advice and guidance was outstanding. I now have a very good resume that has attracted some interesting opportunities for me and a LinkedIn profile that communicates my experience and background well. The whole experience was very good as it allowed me to continue to do what I do best while having someone else prepare me for the future. It was also very good value for money. I would recommend Irma to anyone going through the process I am going through. *for privacy concerns stock photos were used, but you can see the actual reviews on LinkedIn

Alan Munro CEO

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I really struggled with finding the right person to summarize my career and future capability. When it came down to it, speaking with Irma, it seemed right and I felt as if she would uncover what needed to be put into a successful resume. I was right. I am very pleased with the result and feel that my new resume and profile correctly grabs the reader’s attention while grabbing 20+ years of professional life into 2 pages. Thank you, Irma. Great job! *for privacy concerns stock photos were used, but you can see the actual reviews on LinkedIn

Sean Stubbs Supply Chain & Operations Executive


Irma is highly knowledgeable in her field of resume writing and, at the same time, is capable of quickly understanding her clients’ needs. She is a delight to work with and understands her clients’ needs for creating a real highly marketable resume! I am glad to have found her and now I can recommend several business associates to her without a worry and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommended Irma. *for privacy concerns stock photos were used, but you can see the actual reviews on LinkedIn

Bob McGill Managing Partner

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P.S. A 2015 Recruiter Nation study by Jobvite shows that 96% of recruiters use Social Media to vet candidates and that LinkedIn is the most used site by recruiters. Is your LinkedIn Profile getting the attention in deserves? Talk to us about how we can have recruiters seeking you out.

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